Is Lasik Safe in The Long Run and Long Term?

Is lasik eye surgery safe in the long run?

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Your eyes is nearsighted or astigmatism. You do not want to wear contact lenses or sighted glasses because it makes you feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. Now, you're thinking about using lasik surgery technology to improve  your eye vision.

But you're wondering about whether it is safe in the long run. So is lasik safe long term?

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I'd like to say that LASIK is a surgical technique of eye external impact by laser, so it is less complications than other methods. LASIK is conducted under strict inspection of surgeons, the laser beam is controlled by a computer system under the implementation of the surgeon that specializes in LASIK.

So you can totally trust in this technology because LASIK has been approved by the FDA (United States) about the safety and effectiveness of treatment.

However, for greater certainty, you should consult your doctor to learn more about the risks and advantages of the lasik eye surgery.

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