What does Bladeless LASIK mean?

Lasik is a surgical technique for the eyes to treat refractive errors such as farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism.

However, this technique includes some types as lasik uses a scalpel and not use a scalpel to create a corneal flap. Lasik eye surgery technologies are constantly being creative and adding to overcome the disadvantages of the old technique.

Currently, bladeless lasik is no longer the latest techniques. After bladeless lasik, has added some more modern techniques. However, bladeless lasik surgery technique is still widely used because it matches the affordability and eye characteristics, eye condition of many people.

Bladeless Lasik is a lot better surgery technique compared to conventional lasik techniques (old technology) as creat corneal flap with a scalpel or do not creat corneal flap (PRK). Read more: Bladeless Lasik vs PRK

More correctly say, it is the method of surgery uses a laser to create the corneal flap and does not use a scalpel. So it is called Bladeless Lasik.

But the important thing is that it does not cause pain, does not hurt the eyes. Read more: Lasik Painless

If using old methods, such as PRK, according to which, the surgeon will cut a flap of the cornea with a mini blade or cut with laser. But this method may lead to cut a flap too thick. So create a corneal flap by laser and does not use blade (Bladeless LASIK) can avoid this risk. Read more: Is Lasik Safe

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