Lasik Pain or Lasik Painless - Lasik Pain After Surgery

Is lasik eye surgery painful? What is laser eye surgery really like? Does laser eye surgery hurt?

When I reference and research on the Internet, I found many people often wonder if used the technique of lasik surgery, whether it can cause pain to their eyes?

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However, by itself is painless when used cures refractive eye by laser. Based on my experience and knowledge, the eyes will be under anesthesia before surgery by the surgeon. Thing that surprises you, lasik surgery process only occurs in less than 1 minute, if prolonged it is just from 3 to 15 minutes. And it certainly does not hurt you.

Most LASIK patients said that they were surprised because the surgery is less painful as they thought.

However, I see many people still wondering with the question: "Is laser eye surgery painful and does it actually work?"

Yes, the truth is it does not make you feeling painful, it does not hurt you and it does work, but it really depends on your prescription. You might not want to have surgery done twice. It might not be completely zero but it will still be enough to not wear glasses.

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A lot of people said that they was nearly blind without glasses. After lasik surgery, now they can see 20/20 and they have no pain during surgery.

People often do not get to 20/20 and still need to wear glasses for driving. However, many people have decent results and are so happy to be away from contact lenses after had a lasik eye surgery.

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