What is Femto Lasik Surgery - Is Femto Lasik Safe or Painful?

What is Femto Lasik Surgery?

Femto lasik surgery is a technique using femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap, without a scalpel such as Traditional Lasik. Therefore, it is often referred to as Bladeless Lasik Surgery, in other words, does not need using a scalpel in surgery.

And it is not also like PRK because Femto lasik surgery use the laser to creat the corneal flap but PRK does not.

Is Femto Lasik Safe?

Femto lasik surgery is performed only about 5-10 minutes per eye. After surgery, your visual acuity will be recovered quickly. Therefore, the advice of must abstain from reading newspapers, watching TV... for a month after the surgery is not necessary. It is important that patients need for eye hygiene after surgery (cleaning and protection for the eyes), such as wearing goggles, limited use the hands touching your eyes. Avoid swimming within 1 month after surgery.

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The resilience of the eye after surgery depends on the individual characteristics of each person. Some people after surgery may be the phenomenon of night vision disturbances, see halos and those with large pupils often have higher complication rates. This will be explained when the doctor examined your eyes.

Certainly, Femto lasik is not painful. Read more: Does Lasik Pain

The most important advantages Femto Lasik surgery can give you, which is that it can eliminate the complications while intraoperative  and postoperative with recovery time fast.

After undergoing eye surgery most people are feeling pleasant and sense of comfort. Surgical time always happen quickly, so it helps to reduce the your psychological fear. Immediately after surgery, the patient can see clearly and normal activities.

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