Lasik Surgery Steps - Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure Steps

Lasik is a modern treatment method. However, before the surgery, the doctor will examine your eyes carefully to decide which method is right for you.

Lasik eye surgery procedure steps

The eye exam and surgery procedural steps include:

Eye refractometers

Measuring the parameters of the eye, such as pupil size, wave analysis, map of the cornea, corneal curvature, corneal thickness

Measurement of intraocular pressure

Ultrasound eye

Entire eye examination

Lasik surgery steps

Check the safety of your eyes by shining a laser beam onto a piece of plastic to check accuracy.

Eye Surgery Process

Using anesthetics

Put rims. After anesthesia, doctor would put rims on your eye to keep the eyes wide open. You always awake and comfortable during surgery.

Create corneal flap. The doctor will use a scalpel automatically to create a thin corneal flap in your eye if use traditonal lasik and use laser to create a thin corneal flap if you choose bladeless lasik (lasik painless).

Using lasers to project onto the cornea. You will hear crackly when parenchyma layer is evaporated

Cleaning under the corneal flap

Cover the corneal flap back. Place the corneal flap to its original position

Skip rims

Use of medications to protect and restore the eye with antibiotics and artificial tears. Surgical procedure is completed. You will continue to be used eyedrops and wear glasses to protect your eyes. After 3 hours you can see clearly everthing and can work in the next morning.

The follow-up after surgery

Check back for 30 minutes after surgery and the patient can leave the hospital

Use Flumetholon from the 2nd day after the surgery, in 10 days

Continue using Oflovid, for 10 days

Continue using Sanlein 0.1 or the artificial tears for at least 3 months

Re-examination after surgery

1 day
1 week
1 month
3 months
6 months

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